Monday, April 23, 2012

Monday Musings - April 23, 2012

Disney/Universal Studios thoughts this week

1. Bring your own wine. Disney's selections are mediocre at best.

2. Talk to the attendants--they usually have a pretty funny and somewhat sarcastic sense of humor.

3. Can you imagine having to deal with tourists like yourself every day?

4. Find fun in the long lines.

5. Is there really any reason to run from one attraction to the next? I thought this was supposed to be a vacation.

6. Pray for rain. Then everything slows down.

7. Plan time to sleep in (past 7 AM).

8. Funniest thing I heard: The attendant had just completed her spiel about how rare it was for something to happen, we should feel very lucky. I said something like--until the next group arrives. She laughed and said "Every three minutes all day and who has to listen to it over and over again? I do!"

9. If the internet is free (which it is) then the connection is going to be a problem.

10. If you have to run, you probably won't make it anyway.

11. Sometimes the funniest things, weren't meant that way.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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