Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Empty Gas Tank

I hopped into my truck yesterday morning, after the weekend, ready to drive off for a 5:30 AM racquetball match and start the week with some activity. I was shocked when I looked at the fuel indicator and it read: "E." "E" as we all know does not stand for "enough!"

Empty, I didn't recall leaving the truck with no gas the last time I drove it. And I was running late as I had spent an extra minute or so with Makayla. Unfortunately, the gas station is out of the way when I am running behind.

Thankfully, I have other vehicles to choose from, so I moved all of my stuff--no small task when considering my overstuffed racquetball bag to one of my other waiting steads.

There was no way I could risk heading out as I had three stops to make and tight timelines to keep. As I drove out of the drive, I realized it would be 14 hours until I returned. Ad no time for a trip to the gas station to get gored by the unreasonably high prices there.

Why, I pondered was the truck empty? I did not see or smell a leak. I don't leave my vehicles on empty because I hate getting gas on my way to anywhere. I much prefer filling up at the end of trips.

And then I remembered.

I had loaned my truck out. And my generosity was rewarded with an empty gas tank and inconvenience. I admit, there was probably only a quarter of a tank in the truck anyway--and it wasn't that the gas wasn't replaced that really bothered me--it was that it was returned empty and no one told me.

Empty is really a slap.

Yesterday was busy enough that the truck is still empty, so I have to leave earlier today to refill the tank and get over it.

But it still bugs me--just a bit.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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