Thursday, March 29, 2012

Spring Rain

Although the temperatures have been cooler, the cycle of springtime rainstorms followed by piercing bright sunshine have begun.

I experienced it yesterday. A bright, sunny afternoon punctuated with thunderstorms. It has all served to bring the leaves on the trees from a bud situation into leaf.

It is funny how quickly leaves spring into view after the buds have started.

I love the greens of spring. The light greens of the new leaves are a splash of refreshing color after the gloom of winter.

And the rain just serves to generate even more leaves and springtime growth--I imagine that I can almost see the grass growing--and in fact the lawn does need to be mowed.

The first real mowing of the year, I can hardly wait to enjoy it. Although I have just discovered that I am severely allergic to nearly everything growing in the yard.

But I still stick my nose into the most fragrant flowers. I love the fragrance of flowers especially peonies. Although they are just beginning to grow after the winter, the thought of their full open flowers and sweet smell warms my heart.

And all because of the rain and the sun and the warmth.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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