Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Sky is Falling--Chicken Little

Titanium Case for Solid Propellant Rocket
I remember the children's story about the little chicken in the barnyard who ran around screaming about how the sky was falling because an acorn fell onto her head. No one listened to the little bird because her warning of impending doom soon became more noise in the barnyard.

Well, sometimes, the sky really does fall.  I had a unique opportunity yesterday as I was leaving a facility to see some pieces of space junk--stuff that had been launched into space which made it back to the planet.
Stainless Steel Tank from Delta Stage 2

Most people think that such items are small fragments--but not true. Here are two fairly good sized pieces of rockets which were recovered and put onto display. The larger one, the rusted one,  was actually accompanied by many other fragments, one of which fell onto but did not injure an person in Oklahoma, I think. If it had been in Kansas we could have started singing about the Wizard of Oz or something.

Maybe Chicken Little knew more than we give her credit for.

-- Bob Doan, Los Angeles, CA

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