Saturday, March 24, 2012

Out the Hotel Window - Sarasota, March 2012

Sadly this was the view from the hotel window yesterday morning. I say sadly, because I was thinking about going out into the pool for a morning swim--but as you can see it was full. And I really didn't want to get into the middle of whatever lesson was taking place.

The scene is not nearly as awesome as the views of the wide open prairie from my window in Denver last week. I still remember the sunrises that I witnessed.

But despite the view, I am in Florida and an unexpected cool front has changed the forecast from sunny in the 90's to cloudy in the low 80's, meaning that my "still not acclimated to summer temperatures body" was not be too stressed at the afternoon ballgames.

The good news--baseball, sun, and warmth! As an aside, this is the sign at the entrance to the hotel--I feel so welcomed.

The bad news? I have to leave this beautiful place later today and probably not return until next year.

For now though, I will enjoy this foretaste of summer and savor the coming dog days while still being sure to enjoy the blooming springtime.

-- Bob Doan, Sarasota, FL

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