Thursday, March 15, 2012

Out the Hotel Window, Denver -- March 2012

Looking off to the east the structure of Denver International Airport can be seen in the distance--the white circus looking tent like structure.

Denver Looking East
Actually, the scene is very nice to look at and enjoy as the day comes to an end and the colors begin to blend into the golden colors of the setting sun.

It was a good day, in that it ended and I am one day closer to returning home.

Traveling gets old really quickly--especially traveling alone so there is no one to do things with. Watching reruns of the Big Bang Theory on TV isn't considered enjoying the local nightlife. And the sports teams I like are out of town or not playing yet.

But at least the view out the window is expansive. The prairie is wide and open even yet, it still calls out to the adventurous spirit within me which knows that a long time ago I would have been one of those "heading west, young man!"

-- Bob Doan, Denver, CO


Jack Smac said...

Alright Mr. Lonely Traveling Guy, I have a couple of problems with your latest post from the "Denver hotel looking east" - if you're looking east and you posted at 7:28am the shadows are all wrong since the sun should be blasting in your window! So, does this mean you are really in Denver or perhaps some other exotic location?!?! And as far as the moan that you have no one to do anything with - while just this morning I was thinking about taking my next visitor to one of the best restaurants in Denver, actually the first officially sanctioned restaurant in Denver, the Buckhorn Exchange, rated in one of the top ten steak restaurant lists in America!! Oh, well another memory missed, Doan-boy!!

Bob Doan said...

Sorry I missed you yet gain. About the image, you insightful interpreter, although posted at 7:28 am, clearly the image was then in the evening because the sun would be in my eyes had it been a morning shot.

Good to hear from ya!

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