Tuesday, March 6, 2012

How Far Is It?

An interesting question.

Think for a moment, how far could you travel by driving for three and three-quarter hours and flying for four and a half hours?

One answer:

From Lompoc, CA to Elkridge, MD using Los Angeles International Airport (affectionately known as LAX) and Dulles International Airport.

As I realized a few minutes ago, I have been "up" for over 24 hours with only a few (four) hours sleep on a large airplane.

It is funny, I do not remember taking off from LAX. I did, however, see the sunrise over Washington as the plane landed at Dulles.

Ask me what kind of flight I had, and I will respond, restful. That is what a "red-eye" is supposed to be like.

The driving portion of my day led me onto the Pacific Coast Highway and roads known affectionately, to those living in LA, as "the 405", "the 101," and "the 105." On the Washington end--yeah I got to experience "the Beltway" during morning rush as well I-95 and US 1.

So now it is time to shower and sleep to force another 3-hour time change into my circadian rhythm.

So how far is it?

Well that's easy--all the way from the left coast to the right coast! Or, yesterday into today.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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