Friday, March 23, 2012

Flowers of Spring

They are accumulating in the yard, the flowers of springtime. The weeping

cherry is preparing to burst forth is its season of color, while the less noble but still beautiful bleeding hearts are also in bloom.

It is a fun time of the year to see the rebirth happening each day.

It is a season to enjoy and savor as it too quickly passes. While summer is fun and the pool will soon be open, this time as the flowers. Brighten the awakening world and the birds reappear is truly a time to enjoy.

I love walking the yard and seeing the new growth. I remember, just a few weeks ago when the land was dormant and asleep waiting for the warmer days and shorter nights. Everything was the same from day to day. But now, change and growth is everywhere.

So now is the time to enjoy and remember while looking forward to even more warmth in the coming summer sun.

-- Bob Doan, Sarasota, FL

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