Sunday, February 19, 2012

Springtime At Last--Return of the Birds

You probably looked at the calendar and are preparing to respond that it is February and therefore still winter. Ah, but the calendar lies.

Baseball season has begun as pitchers and catchers have arrived for "spring" training. Therefore, despite the confusion with the calendar, it is officially spring.

Bring on the flowers, I saw daffodils in bloom yesterday, and cue the warmer temperatures.

The boys of summer are preparing to return to baseball diamonds around the country and bring the joy of baseball back into our hearts.

OK--so I do have a bit of an issue with ESPN rating the Orioles as the 30th best team in MLB. Even below the Astros. For those of you who don't fully get it, there are only 30 teams in MLB.

Nothing like being at the very bottom of the bottom five. At least the opportunity for success has the bar set low. Too low!

So despite the pundits, I have my hat with the new logo, I have my tickets to two spring training games in Sarasota, my tickets for opening day, and my partial season ticket plan.

Who wants to argue about whether it is spring?

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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