Wednesday, February 29, 2012


People are people after all.

We are a fickle as the light breeze during the dog days of summer.

It is often hard to understand why others cannot comprehend our true intentions when we are in the middle of a "situation."

I reflected on the relationships that I have the other day and realized that they are so numerous and varied that even I cannot fully characterize them all. They range from the most casual meeting in a store between customers in line to the deep intimate relationship that I have with my spouse. And all of the potential shades in between.

Consider the brief meeting between two drivers on the highway as one passes another and acknowledges their mutual presence on the highway. Brief, somewhat impersonal--but an important relationship since both are independently operating a motor vehicle which can cause, in mere moments. death and destruction when improperly handled.

Or the interchange between a father and a son. How this relationship changes as the years progress. Or how it should change. The way parents and children interact changes distinctly as years progress. It can be really hard for parents to move making every decision to a more hands-off approach as the children become adults.

Why do relationships go bad?

Relationships must grow to be vital--when they become static, dissatisfaction appears.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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