Monday, February 20, 2012

Monday Musings - February 20, 2012

1. Happy President's Day. Enjoy the continued drama of the election process.

2. I ran across two British Shows this weekend, Sherlock and Downton Abby. Good drama. Too bad US producers can't do shows like these anymore.

3. Why does my dog whine? All of the time it seems.

4. I have discovered a store that I actually look forward to shopping in--Corridor Wine Store. It joins Lowe's and Home Depot as my favorite stores.

5. I saw daffodils blooming during our walk on Saturday.

6. I highly recommend the article in Time magazine this week about North Korea's new ruler Kim Jong Un.

7. I've been watching the presidential sweepstakes--I am still hoping our next president isn't in the race yet.

8. We were watching the weather closely this weekend and we missed by a big storm. That is good news again. I hate shoveling snow.

9. Writing of the weather, I am looking forward to the last morning where the temperatures are below freezing. It should happen soon. The average low for March is 34 and March 13th is where the average low progresses up to 33 degrees!

10. Lacrosse--pads, sticks, helmets, and gloves. Another sign that spring is upon us.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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