Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Dark Side of the Super Bowl

Aside from all of the hoopla and the game, which really wasn't too bad, I noticed that there was a dark side to the commercials. I got thinking about it today after I read an editorial and realized that as a society we are becoming a bit dark and depraved.

In reflecting about the commercials I saw, I was reminded that there was a dog covering up the murder of the family cat for some chips, a boy peeing in a swimming pool and then smiling when his sister jumped in, and there was the half time show which was a poster ad for talent past its prime and sex.

David Zurwick in his article titled Super Bowl TV: Good Game, Nasty Ads, Pathetic Halftime Show makes a lot of good points.

Here is what he wrote, and I have to agree with him: "The ads are a barometer of our culture. And what they said to me is that we have become a truly dumbed-down, crass, trashy and even cruel society -- and somehow proud of it."

Here is how he viewed the commercials:

A dog having killed a cat and trying to cover it up was supposed to be funny in a Doritos ad. A little kid urinating in a swimming pool and laughing when his sister jumps in was the punch line for an online tax service. The joke in a brain-dead, apocalyptic Chevy Silverado ad featuring a group of survivors is that one of the group died because he drove a Ford. Is this where the Obama bailout money went?

But I think the ad that best summarizes how debased our excessive commercialism has made us is the Go Daddy commercial that features two women using another woman's body as a billboard on which to write and draw the Go Daddy brand. There is something especially calculating about having two women do it to another woman -- when you know the intended appeal of the ad is male voyeurism.

I have to agree with him.

And I'm not going to bore you with his review of the halftime show, suffice it to write, he was unimpressed.

These ads are about the worst in us and appeal to our dark desires and sick sense of humor.

I believe we need to spend some time listening to Clint Eastwood in his piece, It's Halftime in America.

America--we need to change our direction or pretty soon we are going to be building coliseums and watching the gladiators for Sunday afternoon excitement.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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