Friday, December 16, 2011

The War is Over--Military Leaves Iraq

Iraq is done. Nine years later we can claim success and come home.

Why aren't the church bells pealing?

Why aren't we sponsoring parades and clamoring in streets? Today marked the handover of the last US base in Iraq to the Iraqi people.

At the conclusion of a war we should be celebrating peace and a new beginning. But, in this case, we are still at war in other places--this is but one success in a chain of wars and operations.

It has been a good year though--Usama Bin Laden has found his way off the planet to his eternal reward and the war in Iraq has concluded.

It is Christmas and although many of our military are deployed around the world continuing the fight against terrorism and the forces of darkness, the good news this holiday season is that we have left Iraq--just as was promised so long ago. Whether Iraq is viable as a country is now in the hands of the Iraqis.

Next up? Afghanistan! Let's win and come home.

I like to think--that for all of the families of service men and women returning home for the holidays, that this is a great Christmas gift.

So let the church bells chime and let us celebrate a new beginning--at least for today.

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