Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Path to Destruction

The beginning of the end is upon us here in America, I am afraid.

We are heading down the slippery slope of becoming like the great socialist societies of Europe with incredibly high taxes, universal health care, ineffective militaries, and unbalanced and hopelessly out of balanced budgets.

By the time we are done--there will be no middle class left in America. There will be the very rich and those dependent upon the government for everything.

And the sad thing is--we are getting exactly what we elected--which by extension means we are getting what we wanted.

Here is some of what I have read in the news the past couple of days:

A city, Central Falls, Rhode Island, wants to slash the retirement plans of already retired police and firemen because they are facing bankrupcy and failed to put enough funds into the retirement fund in the past. Note, this is not a change to still on duty retirement plans--but to those already retired.

Those who have served and put their lives on the line are being forced to serve again in their retirement. Really? And this trend is not new--it has been looked at in California in cities like Hollywood and San Jose. And if you read the article--the police and firefighters in Central Falls did not contribute to Social Security--and therefore are not eligible to collect benefits under that program either.

Then I read an item from right here in Maryland--which is on track to become the highest taxed state in America. It seems that lawmakers are not happy with the Homestead Exemption which caps the amount of tax increases that can be passed along to homeowners living in their houses. The state and local governments are not getting enough revenue it seems. So one of our bright delegates is going to propose tying property taxes to ability to pay--or income. Really? My home is going to be taxed at a higher rate because I have some success in life? Delaware and Florida are looking better every day.

My pay is already frozen for the third year in a row, but my taxes, medical costs, and costs of living continue to climb.

I am expected to pay more taxes just because I live in the third most prosperous county in the United States.

And Congress is trying to nickle and dime me even more as I read about new taxes, increasing payroll taxes, and reduced services. When will the fire sale happen?

Maybe I should just give up and head south to the beach. If I have no earned income, at least the government will give me money to stimulate the economy. I mean after all, my needs are pretty few--warm sun, sandy beach, and a drink in my hand. Although I do like to have someone come by every so often to refresh the drink--but I might be able to sacrifice that.

Face it--at our request, government has become too big. And now the gravy train ride is over and the bills are due. Similar to opening the credit card statements in January after Christmas--except we can't just print more money to pay the bill.

We are rapidly sliding down that slippery slope into irrelevance and destruction.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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