Monday, December 26, 2011

Monday Musings - December 26, 2011

1. For Christmas and family and the time spent in preparation--give thanks!

2. It was fun being on the roads yesterday driving at the early break of dawn--the roads were empty and the first rays of the sun were just beginning to grace the eastern sky with a red hue that brought joy to my heart and I was celebrating the birth of Jesus so many years ago.

3. Christmas is really for the young at heart--because it is about new life and new hope.

4. I woke up this morning and I cannot believe that Christmas was yesterday. What a great holiday and family day.

5. It was nice to take a day off from the crush of life, I did not even check out the news yesterday. So I am behind today.

6. Christmas in not over though--it is just continuing every day.

7. We have been blessed with a great December in terms of weather and temperatures. Who would have believed that the entire family would be outside yesterday afternoon having a Nerf gun war. Yes--the best gifts of Christmas were Nerf guns for everyone. We payed until the sun went down and it got really cold.

8. I think I have handled my truck dying pretty well. I am pretty sure it is the fuel filter and I'll get on it tomorrow.

9. Christmas returns and gift cards--yeah, the shopping continues. Ugh!

10. I have a problem with packaging. Have you noticed how much is wasted by excessive packaging? And children's toys are the worst. I struggled with many toys yesterday including using some sophisticated tools to get into the toys. Ugh. The pile of packaging in the garage is overwhelming. We need to reduce packaging to save resources.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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