Monday, December 12, 2011

Monday Musings - December 12, 2011

1. I think I am getting burned out on Christmas music already. If I hear "I'll be Home for Christmas" one more time, I may run away.

2. It is getting colder out every morning, I guess winter is getting closer. It is 20 degrees outside this morning.

3. Less than two weeks to go until the big day.

4. The Presidential primaries are beginning to get interesting. I wonder who will be elected.

5. Traveling during the holiday season can get very interesting. TSA wants to keep us guessing about what nonsense item they will focus on next before allowing us to get to our gates. Important safety tip: don't wear backbrace, it may be confused with a money belt, which we all know are illegal. Interesting article about two senior citizens who had a very bad experience.

6. I can tell the NFL season is almost over, my Fantasy Football league playoffs begin next week and my team is stumbing in after losing 3 of the past four weeks, ugh! And I am still going to be the number 3 seed.

7. Looks as if there is a problem in space. The Russians have given up on their sick Matrian probe and it looks as if it is going to come crashing back to Earth.

8. For those of you who were wondering, spring training for baseball is just over two months away. Some teams have pitchers and catchers reporting as early as February 18th.

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