Thursday, December 29, 2011

Do you believe in angels or God?

What an interesting question posed by and 18 year old Austin, Texas teen on December 19th--who subsequently died on Christmas of a heart attack. The question was posed at the end of a You Tube video (in two parts) that described his life and how he had cheated death three times. I believe the video was his attempt provide comfort to those who love him as he knew his time was short and also to be a means to provide hope to those who are afraid of death and do not know God.

The teen's name is Ben Breedlove and he answered the question simply, "I do." He should know, had died already twice--possibly three times during his short life.

I watched the videos this remarkable teen produced. They are on You Tube and are titled simply: This is my story (part 1), and This is my Story (part 2).

I was impressed with this young man who I believe had a pretty good idea that his days were numbered and wanted to leave us a message of hope.

I am also heartened by the media coverage associated with his life and passing.

I have talked to not a few people lately who say they are spiritual--but in my mind don't have a good grasp of the full implication of what they are saying when they use the word. I am glad they are spiritual, that is a start. My hope and prayer is that they move from an impersonal spiritualism into a deeper relationship with God.

Maybe Ben will help some of them to come to that place.

The Christmas season is a good time to find a closer relationship with God. What a great way to start the New Year--knowing the creator of the universe.

Happy New Year and God bless you!

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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