Sunday, December 11, 2011

Cold Sunday Morning

I was watching the weather person on the news this morning trying to describe how cold it was outside. I had to laugh when she said it hadn't been this cold since December 2nd.

Really? Just over a week? I was expecting something more profound, like February.

I had noticed the cold while walking Makayla. It really was cold and I probably should have worn a coat--but I hadn't. Really cold, of course, is anything below freezing. Today, my thermometer registered 21 degrees.

I did notice the white, cold, full-moon shining through the branches of the trees. I was mesmerized by the naked branches of the trees and remembered how just a few short months ago the leaves would have hidden the moon from my view.

The light the moon cast though, was sufficient for me to clean up behiind Makayla as she took care if some business. I prefer thaat to using the small flashlight on the end of her leash.

We are closing in on winter.

Cold will be prevalent everywhere--and even some snow and ice by the time spring rescues us from the grasp of the dark days.

Two weeks from today, Christmas Day, the rush of the season will culminate with a day of intense celebration. And then on to the New Year.

Despite the cold, I pray you will be warm and surrounded by love.

The dawn has broken and it is time to start the day. Make it a good day.

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