Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas Songs Sound All Alike

Radios blare the tarnished tunes
like silver set out for the feast
once a year, the songs are played
then stored away again.

The tunes have played too many times
sentiment lost, still the words I sing
frozen tunes, the melodies strive
to stir the season in my soul.

Snowmen and Santas and coming home
the words repeat too many times
meant to help spread peace and joy
yet now are just more air.

I heard Longfellow's famous words
of old familiar carols play
too familiar it seems today
their notes ring all too hollow

Songs frozen in times long gone past
drape the season in familiar clothes
I come back again each year
to seek anew the season's reason.

The joy of birth, new life and hope
Of angel's songs and God come down
of gifts, and love, and seeking men
of peace on earth; good will to all

Shake off the tired striving songs
cast out the ghosts of Christmas past
for God came down on that great night
to live with us--and hasn't left.

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