Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve 2011

Consider, for a moment the traditions and the things we do which get us through the Christmas holiday.

Today, for instance, my family gathered for a Christmas Eve breakfast--a chance to get together and celebrate at the beginning of the two day celebration, rather than later when we are all tired.

We are blessed by a glorious day--fair temperatures in the 50's and sunny, blue skies.

We are doing activities directly related to the holiday--be that cooking, or wrapping, or in my case brining the turkey. I have already delt with a broken down truck and got that into a place where it won't affect thee rest of the holiday--meaning I'll deal with it later. I did, however, enjoy the ride in the tow truck.

Soon, we will get together again for worship and then go separate ways for the evening. Even those who are out of town have called to be part of the festivities.

Tomorrow--the real fun begins with gift exchanges private and larger family events. A massive dinner, and time together are also part of the day.

The kids make the holiday--but connecting with family, including extended family strewn across the country, will also be an important part of the day.

This year, Monday the 26th is the second day of Christmas in that the Axis and Allies will again recreate WWII and ttempt to chang hostiry once again while feasting on leftovers and not a few beers.

The reason for the season? It is there in the love that we all share.

I had a great discussion a week ago about God and religion and I reminded the people I was chatting with that what really matters is the relationship. If we foster a strong relationship between our family members, we are reflecting the kind of relatiionship God wants with us. And that friends, is the season's reason.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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