Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Train Wreck Coming

I cannot begin to imagine the pain and suffering that will ensue if the President and Congress cannot come to an agreement soon on the debt ceiling impasse.

The game of budgetary chicken is not good for the country, is not good for jobs, and begins to relegate the US to the status of a third world country.

We CANNOT continue to spend more than we take in AND we must make good on the promises already made--such as social security and other entitlements. But, we must continue to operate the government. It is funny that none of us want big government in our lives, but yet we continue to vote for things that demand big government to operate, like Obama-care.

Cutting the federal workforce is also not the answer because too many things have been laid on the federal government through the social engineering programs of the past. Services will be destroyed for those who can least accommodate less availability of service like the disabled and the elderly.

Yeah--it is all gonna hurt--but it will hurt all of us a lot more if the US defaults.

I believe we, the citizens, need to write (email) our congressional representatives and the President to urge them to find a solution and a compromise today!  Before we wind up like Greece.

Remember--we the people are not powerless. We elected everyone in congress and the President as well. We must hold them accountable (as specified in The Constitution) for properly managing the finances of the country.

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