Friday, July 1, 2011

Summertime Holiday Weekend

Friday and Monday. The summertime holidays are upon us. Today is Canada Day and of course Monday is the US Independence Day.

A weekend framed by North American holidays.

Despite sharing a long border, the two countries, Canada and the US, also share days recognizing their creation during a similar time--but the circumstances are very different. Canada was the a union of colonies into a country by the British while, as we know, the US was formed by dissolving the existing bonds to the British and creating something new out of a loose confederation of colonies.

But no matter which side of the border you live on, it is going to be a messy weekend for travel and fun.

I do confess that Canada Day does not get up very high on my list of favorite foreign holidays. But I do note it, much like I note the Queen's Birthday or May Day.

So if you are traveling this weekend--take it easy and fly or drive or sail safely.

If you are lucky enough not to have to risk life and limb on the roads, in the skies, or on the water take a moment to clap yourself on the back.

But no matter what, holidays are a good time to pause and inventory blessings and be thankful for what we have and determine if what we are pursuing really all that important.

Enjoy some of the festivities. Mingle with our fellow citizens, and if in the US, take minute to read the Declaration of Independence. It is a ground breaking document and was produced at great risk to the men who wrote and signed it.

God bless the USA and Canada.

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