Friday, July 29, 2011

Successes and Failures coupled with Ups and Downs

It has been a bit of a wow week, as I shake off the remnants of island time and get back into the grind and pace that is my life.

I have been able to celebrate successes with friends--and today I am celebrating another success as one of our people departs for a new assignment. I can say that I am a bit envious of his good fortune--which he totally made for himself, but that he and his wife are in a place to pick up their lives and go for their dream is reassuring and at the same time reminds me how entrenched I have become in this place where I live.

I confess, I really did not want my recent vacation to end. Often, I get to the point on vacations where I am ready to go home and leave the fun behind. Not so this year. I was in no way ready to step back into the complexities of my life. I could have used an additional week, or maybe a year.

And then, upon my return, I was greeted with a personal failure of sorts. One that I knew in my head was probably going to happen, but that I had convinced myself that this time--maybe this time, the outcome would be different and restore my faith in the system I work within.

But alas, I got the same narrow-minded response that I have come to expect and that I alluded to in a blog I published on September 25, 2010 about Plug-n-Play Leadership: The Wrong Answer.

But that is my own personal axe to bear. (It is axe to bear and cross to grind or the other way around?)

It just still hurts a lot when I take a big personal risk, lay it all out there and then feel as if the paradigm du jour was blindly applied for the sake of easy out leadership.

It took a couple days, but I am mostly over it. Spending time reviewing and editing the images we captured on vacation has really helped. I have about 930 already loaded into Picasa, and there are about 100 more that need loading, but my camera had the wrong date and I need to get the date fixed before I load them into the main directory.

The sine wave of life then is full of ups and downs.

The key is whether the trend is up or down. I like mine to be in a trending up kind of position.

And it is.

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