Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Snorkeling the St Lucian Caribbean

Day 4 was a rainy day from the stat. Passing showers made it almost impossible to plan any meaningful outdoor activity--so we decided to go snorkeling.

We rented a water taxi and headed off to a small cove (anse) just outside Marigot Bay.

And so a short 15 minute sail later and we were ready for an adventure. It was fun--the highlight of the trip was seeing a spotted eel swimming--but it was too fast for my camera.

The abundance of different corals-soft and hard are beautiful to look at and as always, not touch.

All told, we had a good hour and fifteen minutes of snorkeling and enjoyed a couple of rain showers. The really nice part was the boat entry into the water and subsequent exit made for a no sand experience.

The images from my camera need some color balancing so most of them aren't that good, yet. But this little guy was a lot of fun to look at and to enjoy.

And what else is there to say, but another day in paradise?

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