Thursday, July 21, 2011

Return to Bequia - Day 12

We awakened again in Admiralty Bay, Bequia after a night of successive rainstorms. When the boat is closed up--as it needs to be during rainstorms it becomes quite hot and sticky--for those used to air conditioned comfort, as we are, it can be somewhat challenging to sleep. It was closed up most of the night because the main ventilation is directly above the bed, where the rain was falling, and the secondary portholes were also delivering spray and rain onto the bed.

By morning, the rain had passed and we were again treated to the picturesque Admiralty Bay. Today though, we actually decided onto to snorkel and decided to dinghy in and walk the streets of Port Elizabeth.

We were able to do some shopping and Scott and I took a taxi up to Fort Hamilton which commands a strategic position over the harbor. I hd wondered which admiral the fort was named for and could not remember an admiral named Hamilton--but as it turns out the fort is named for our own Alexander Hamilton who, as I remembered from reading a recent biography, grew up in the West Indies and was born on the island of Nevis, which I believe is the name of the main island of Bequia.

After some wandering the streets it was time to return to our boat and begin making our way to our next stop, a short 16 miles away on the island of St Vincent.

As we were beginning to get underway, our captain discovered that one of our propellers was missing--so that saga becomes interesting. Thankfully, this is a sailing vessel first and foremost and a motorized vessel for navigating harbors second.

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