Monday, July 4, 2011

Monday musings - July 4, 2011

1. Happy 235th birthday America.

2. Independence weekend is a blast-literally! I have enjoyed fireworks and fun.

3. Traffic is lighter on the day before a three-day weekend ends.

4. I still love patriotic music and marches. Bring on John Phillip Sousa!

5. Friday as I was driving along the road past the house I grew up in I saw myself--a 13 year old boy on a bicycle racing the cars along the shoulder of the highway feeling the wind in my short hair. It took me back decades to when I used to do the same thing. Life was freedom along the highway on my bike.

6. I realized yesterday on the way back from Ithaca that exit 100 on I-81 in Pennsylvania is where the highway changes from rural speedway into a more frenetic urban highway. There are still rural stretches, but the scenery almost always has built up areas in view.

7. Driving under a canopy of trees on a rural backroad is a freeing experience.

8. Isn't it sad that sometimes when we are getting something that we want, live people visiting, that we choose to withdraw or not enjoy the company?

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Jeremy Doan said...

Yeah when your watching Luke let's not let him ride his bike on the shoulder of the highway :-)

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