Sunday, July 3, 2011

Fireflies in the evening

The dark trees were alive last evening with the sparkling of the fireflies in the trees complimenting the fireworks celebrations around us.

We sat around a fire making s'mores and enjoying some family.

We heard the distant and persistent booms of the celebrations around us. Although we could not see the fireworks themselves, the sky lit as if lightning was all around us.

This is one of those prolonged celebrations of our Independence. Enjoyable with family.

As darkness fell, the fireflies made their presence known like so many persistent fireworks in the treelike. The dark trees were alive with their own celebrations. I tried to capture their cool lights in the trees, but they were so brief that I could not save the memory to an image.

As the night wore on, and we turned out the lights of the house, the fireflies came closer to include where we were sitting as part of the celebration.

I remembered my childhood running after fireflies on the lawn and putting them into jars to enjoy for the evening, but always letting them go before bed. They don't keep well it seems.

Fireworks lighting the sky and fireflies rekindling long forgotten memories, what a celebration.

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