Thursday, July 21, 2011

Finally At Sea - Day 8

It was a long day of waiting around for the boat to arrive, it was anticipated about 1pm, but about 5pm, it finally sailed into Marigot Bay and we were ready to begin the sea leg of our adventure in paradise. Boarding the boat was a sight to behold--luggage and provisions and people coming aboard as the boat was anchored just outside the navigational channel all from a water taxi. It was humorous and amazing that the only loss was a jar of spaghetti sauce. As we were all pretty busy trying to get aboard and in place three are, unfortunately, no pictures.

The boat is a beautiful Belize 43 foot catamaran named Javelot and the French captain, Marek, seems reedy to treat us to a great adventure. He took our desires and came up with a fantastic sailing plan--in fact, we departed Marigot Bay at sunset and cruised south about 10 miles to the base of the Pitons. It was fully dark by the time we arrived and we moored to a buoy seemingly yards off shore. I can hardly wait to see the sight in the morning.

The cabin is small--yet comfortable tough there is no air conditioning and the boat is swaying gently on the light waves in the bay we are tied up in.

We experienced something this evening that none of us had ever seen before--it can only be called a moon bow--a rainbow caused by the bright light of the moon refracting off the falling rain. Since I do not have an active internet connection, there is no way for me to get the precise term for this event. But, it was really cool.

The nighttime sail under the full stars before moonrise was something I will always remember. And then when the full moon rose--it was spectacular sight.

Who know what adventures await us in St Vincent and the Grenadines! We are all in though.

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Location:Pitons. St Lucia

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