Thursday, July 28, 2011

An Evening with Josh Groban

Last evening, Chris and I headed off to downtown Washington, DC to listen to one of her favorite singers give a concert at the Verizon Center.

Josh Groban, with the help of his warm-up act, provided us with a pleasant evening of music and entertainment. I admit, right up front, that I am not a fan of this big voiced tenor who also demonstrated a musical talent on both the piano and drum set. But, he is talented and gave an entertaining performance which kept the evening moving.

There were many more women than men in the audience. I had noted this as we entered the arena--but Josh also made a comment about the men in the crowd being good for the next two hours and possibly being rewarded for their acquiescence. I did find that humorous. He also made a reference to the high ticket prices we paid for the concert and promised to sing "his ass off" for us--or most of it, and he did.

Josh sings in multiple languages--last evening, in addition to english, songs were sung in spanish, portuguese, and italian--and possibly others but who really knows?

He did cover some other writers songs--most notable being Neil Diamond when he covered "Play Me." Of course, he also covered "You Raise Me Up" which is aptly arranged to suite his uniquely big voice and broad vocal range.

The stage and set was interesting and dynamic. He used two stages during the performance--one in the middle of the audience, the other being the main stage. This afforded him better access to the attendees and showcased his style. His supporting orchestra was also fabulous.

As the concert ended, promptly after the promised two hours, I was left wising for a few more songs.

All-in-all, it was an enjoyable evening with good music in a first class concert setting.

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