Friday, January 7, 2011

Trees against a Fiery Sky

Some mornings now, as I drive to work after playing racquetball, I am treated to some breath taking beauty.

Tuesday morning it was a pre-dawn red sky silhouetting the bare trees.  I wanted to take a picture to remember this sight as there were also dark clouds reflecting the red rays of the still below the horizon sun which added their own unique beauty to the scene. The trees stood tall and black with the red of the sky filling in around them. They were still--there was no wind. It reminded me of a Wooster Scott painting. I think I know where she got her inspiration.

But I was driving at high speed on a busy freeway with too many other sleepy drivers to even attempt using the camera in my cell phone.

I found something similar on the Internet--but, alas, it is not my work--but it provides an approximation of what I witnessed.

But I have it in my mind.

If only I could paint--

but then, in a manner--I just did using words instead of canvas.

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