Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Too Cold to Think

January 11, 2011 Storm results
The prospect of another Nor'easter making it way through the region has everyone on edge. It seems at the hint of snow everyone in the Mid-Atlantic region begins to panic and there continues to be a mad rush on the grocery store. Come on people--we survived dueling blizzards last February. The Snowpocalypse should remind everyone that 1-4 inches is a mere nuisance. So get over it.

Although they are calling for the Chesapeake to freeze over if the cold weather continues. The last time that happened was 1977.

The temperature has been cold--just too cold lately.  It had to warm up to snow.

I know when I go outside I just prepare myself for a wintry blast. Not snow--just really cold. I am amused when Makayla goes outside how she fluffs her fur to keep the cold away. She becomes a real fur ball and is very pretty all fluffed up.  She doesn't seem to mind the cold too much.

One bright spot was the removal of Patrick's1996 Honda from the driveway on Monday. Now I have an open spot. I'm thinking of buying another Jaguar--just because.  Not really. It is weird to think that I have an open spot in the driveway after having it filled by a non-functioning car for the past year. Maybe I'll rent it out to someone who has a boat that needs a parking spot.

But it is too cold to think about that now.

Stay warm and go easy on the shoveling.

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