Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Spring Training 2011 -- And so it Begins Anew

With the football season effectively over (I mean, who really cares who wins the Super Bowl anyway?), my mind has begun to churn on my favorite sport--Baseball.

I am in the midst of planning a mid-March trip to Sarasota to see the O's play baseball during Spring training. Additionally, this weekend is the O's fan fest--which I also plan to attend to shake off the cold of the winter and let my mind bask in the glow of the "Boys of Summer."

Getting away to the warm south will be awesome during March. I can almost feel the intense southern sun heating the skin on my back as I doze listlessly by the hotel pool waiting for game time.

Bring another beer from the bar while you're there, please?

The cost for this enjoyment--I have to sponsor Chris to San Antonio in June--not a difficult decision at all.

So with Fan Fest this weekend and the trip to Sarasota less than two months away, I think I can face the worst winter has to offer because I know that before too long--the flowers will be up, the grass will be green and the umpire is going to be calling out: 'Play Ball!"

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