Thursday, January 27, 2011

Snow and Dogs

Makayla during Snowpocalypse 2010
Yesterday, as I was wrestling with the just over two inches of snow in the driveway before going to work, I discovered an amusing thing: Makayla loves snow.

She runs around in the snow like a pup just enjoying the clean--probably scent free, whiteness.

I really think she enjoys the feel of the snow between her toes and the way is collects on her coat.

I remember that during the snowpocalypse of last February that she likes the snow--but it was so deep she really couldn't run around it in. This is one of my favorite picture of her in the snow last year. I use it as a wall paper on my computer and iPhone.

Makayla in the Snow
It made me smile to see her bounding through the snow just enjoying herself.

I wish I could enjoy the snow the same way.

But--shoveling it, driving in it, and watching it fall wishing I was already in St Lucia on vacation (scheduled for July) certainly does not help me to appreciate the wet white stuff the way she does.

But--then again, her enthusiasm did help me to appreciate it--just a bit. Shhhh--don't tell Chris.

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