Sunday, January 30, 2011

Smart Phone vs Tie Shoes

In a revealing story from Time magazine titled: The Way We Live Now: More Kids Can Work a Smart Phone Than Tie Their Shoes it becomes clear that kids are learning the ways of technology much faster than they are learning the basic things we need to be able to so to take care of ourselves.

The article goes on to write: And not being able to dress themselves isn't the only problem facing these tech-savvy little ones. According to Mobilized, "Tech skills are outpacing life skills in other areas as well. For example, more of the kids can open a Web browser than swim on their own, and more can play computer games than ride a bike."

On one hand, it is really cool to see almost three-year old Jax, as he did yesterday, take Chris's iPhone and navigate to and open the particular app he wanted to play. 

But the downside is that parents must be wary of turning young children into technology savvy invalids who can do nothing else for themselves.
I am not worried about Jax falling into this trap--especially after the meltdown I witnessed yesterday when he could not open a drink on his own, but I can imagine many other children who never get beyond interacting with the computer screen for everything in their lives--rendering them technology induced invalids without the skill and socialization abilities to function in society (whatever that ultimately becomes).

Balance is needed in all areas of life. Including technology.

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