Tuesday, January 18, 2011


This weekend the dynamic duo were reunited--Ben and Makayla.  Amazingly enough, these two dogs seem to be real friends. I think they really like being together and Makayla always seems a bit down when Ben finally returns home to Jer and Nicole and Luke.

They are buds--and they are fun to be around, although, the amount of fur in the house really can get a bit suffocating.

What is most fun us watching Ben try to get involved in playing with Makayla when she is playing with me. It is almost as if he gets jealous and has to interject himself into the game.

But they are dogs.

And fun to be around and do things together--even chasing the deer that happened into the yard at a bad time. Fortunately, the deer quickly crossed the creek and both dogs decided they didn't want to get wet.

That would have been a bad thing.

Good dogs, good companions and good friends.

When they are together--since they are Keeshonds, they become my pair-o-kees.

Where is the vacuum?

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