Friday, January 21, 2011

Out the Hotel Window - Denver, Part 2

Coors Field from the Hotel Window
OK--so the at night pictures are really cool--but you can't see much.

I kinda saved the best for last.

The daylight picture, at a bit of an angle, shows Coors field where the Colorado Rockies play major league baseball. The stadium is a short walk from the hotel. So although the view from my room does not have mountains, nor city skyline--it shows the most important aspect of this hotel--location, location, location.

So if you travel by bus and love MLB--this hotel is for you!

I continue to find it interesting what can be seen, or not, looking out of the hotel windows at the various places that I get to experience.

Look out the windows and see what you can see. There is a huge world out there--and you miss so much just staying inside with the curtains drawn.

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