Monday, January 31, 2011

Monday Musings - January 31, 2011

1. It is the last day of January 2011--it seems like just yesterday it was Thanksgiving. This year is taking flight just as quickly as 2010 did.

2. We had a family gathering to celebrate Nicole's birthday yesterday. It was good to have everyone together for the afternoon. It was funny how the noise level kept rising as we started shouting over each other. But the fun was in the gathering.

3. Although the temperatures were over freezing yesterday, I cannot see how any of the snow which ended up in my yard has melted.

4. Funny scene of the day: Jax in search of Ethan (who had gone out to the car for something) making the turn to head down into the yard without a coat on because he could not find his brother.

5. Ever notice how the next bad thing to happen in the world seems to come from out of nowhere--Egypt?  I thought they were a lot more stable than it appears that they are.

6. Snow days--and time off because of snow. We had a rough week last week with the snow. Hopefully this week will be more normal.  I get so far behind when the snow starts falling and we get some time off. I do like to sleep in, but I sure pay for it, double it seems.

7. Keswick Winery released the label with our picture on it for the Consensus Wine that the team we were on designed. The is being bottled today and tomorrow at the vineyard in Virginia. OK--it was cool to see myself of the label of a wine being bottled by a real winery and not by myself in my basement.

8. Note to self: summer tires are not for use during blizzards. OK, now if the 1,000 people in Baltimore who got stuck on the Jones Falls Expressway remember that, maybe it won't happen again during the next snowstorm.

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