Monday, January 3, 2011

Monday Musings - January 3, 2011

1. Happy New Year--I bet you haven't heard that before.

2. I have had most of the past week off to relax and do things around the house. It was nice.

3. Football is a fickle sport. The Ravens certainly did not deserve to win, but as it turns out, the Bengals did not deserve to win more.

4. With the arrival of the new year--we have begun to remove the Christmas decorations. The Snow Village has been returned to its boxes in the attic and the exterior lights rare down. We still have two trees decorated though--because the Christmas Season is not over.

5. I had the unique opportunity this past week to build a bird house with Ethan. It was good to smell the newly cut pine in the garage again.

6. Well--it is back to work or school for all of us normal working people. Ugh.

7. New Congress this week--wonder what they will do to us in the name of trying to make things better.

8. Banned words for 2011? Check out the list at Lake Superior State University. Viral and epic are two words on the list.

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