Monday, January 17, 2011

Monday Musings - January 17, 2011

1. Football is fickle--but losing still hurts.   I have a new favorite team after the Ravens: whomever is playing the Steelers! Go Jets!

2. Do you know what you get when you put two keeshonds (keeshonden) together in a house for a weekend?  A lot of hair.  Everywhere.

3. I cannot believe I watched most of the Golden Globe Awards last night! There was nothing on TV to convince me to watch something else. Look out--next I'll be in the geriatric ward!

4. We had three deer that used to live in the wooded area near the house and we had been concerned that they had been killed since we had not seen them in a few months. Makayla found all three of them yesterday. Alive. There were a few anxious moments as I tried to determine how far she would follow them as they ran off.

5. Bad weather is expected tonight and tomorrow--wouldn't you know it?  I am supposed to be heading out on a trip in the morning and I'll probably be treated to unending hours at the airport.  Ugh!

6. And as I was watching the Golden Globes last night, I found about three movies I need to see.

7. The little bit of snow we received on Wednesday remains on the ground as it has been so cold. And ice is expected tonight! Ice Snow and sleet is going to change over to freezing rain overnight.  Thanks!

8. And this in from Houston:  Bobby and Amanda Herring spent more than a year providing food to homeless people in downtown Houston every day. They fed them, left behind no trash and doled out warm meals peacefully without a single crime being committed, Bobby Herring said.That ended two weeks ago when the city shut down their "Feed a Friend" effort for lack of a permit. And city officials say the couple most likely will not be able to obtain one.  From my perspective?  How do you get a permit to feed homeless people who don't have a permit to be homeless?

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