Monday, January 10, 2011

Monday Musings - January 10, 2011

1. Wow--the second week of January already.  Time is already flying.

2. Strange week in the news--new Congress, new White House Chief of Staff, same old taxes though.  And it is tax season.

3. Be happy where you are.  It's hard sometimes because I want to be somewhere I'm not.

4. Do palm trees grow in North Dakota?  Answer. Yes, in a greenhouse.

5. Football playoffs have begun with some shocking surprises.  Won't it be sad next year after the NFL owners have strangled the golden goose not to have football? Way to go Ravens--the only favored team that actually won.

6. Saturday--a new definition: a day to accomplish all of those things that were put off during the week.  A 12-hour work day is anticipated so that returning to the day-job on Monday will seem like taking a day off.

7. Out of control. I dreamed the other night of sliding down a snow-covered hill on the old runner sled that I had when I was a kid. I realized that when I was a kid I loved that out of control feeling of careening down the hill barely able to steer. Now--I need to be in control and I don't think I'd find it much fun.  Sad.

8. The house looked empty yesterday when we got up and Christmas was all packed away. We are still finding the little things we missed though.

9. Quote of the week from Jax made while we were playing with a big truck during Lucas' party: "Poppop, you go hide and I'll get the gas." He was playing two games at the same time.

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