Saturday, January 29, 2011

January Moon

I looked out the window at 3am this morning and saw a clear sky illuminated by a sliver bright of moon.

The cold light it cast across the frozen, still snow covered landscape sent a chill through me, magnified, I'm sure, by the coolness of the house that we allow to cool to about 62 degrees during the night.

A bright star winked at me, and I sighed back at it.

There were so many other, warm, places I thought of where I could be standing and looking at this same star.

I was thirsty though and needed a drink and staring out the window into a portion of the world I had no intention of visiting at this hour made no sense to me.

So I turned away from the window and back into the house going about my business and trying to get back to bed before my spot cooled and I was too awake.

Probably a lost cause.

Makayla lifted her head to see what was up and whether she needed to move because she surely didn't want too--it was the middle of the night and the pack that is our family was supposed to be sleeping.

I slipped back under the covers and heard the cuckoo clock bong.  It isn't on time I surmised.

And as my head hit the pillow, I realized that I was fully awake and should probably just get up because sleep was going to be a struggle.

But it was cold and I was warming.

So I just laid there in the warmth of the bed and eventually drifted off to sleep, coming awake later shortly after the sun had risen and congratulated myself for a good decision on not getting up and allowing the moon to slide down over the horizon.

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