Sunday, January 2, 2011

Hockey Night in the House

Who would have ever thought that it might be too warm for hockey, outdoors in Pittsburgh, PA in January? But that is the way it almost happened as the afternoon game between the Capitals and the Penguins was moved to 8PM for hopefully colder temperatures and better ice.

It was a great night for the guys--jerseys, hockey, and beer.
But, alas, the Capitals wanted the game more than the Penguins and the final was Caps 3 - Pens 1. Although it was fun to see the Penguins goalie, Fleury, get an assist on the lone goal.

It was fun to relax with the guys and talk some trash though.

Patrick and I wore our game jerseys to see a movie earlier in the day and ran into some Capitals fans--the meeting ended graciously with handshakes all around. Good sportsmanship is essential at all levels of play--from the ice, to the stands, to the sofa.

We did muse, during the game, that this time next year if there is a lock-out in the NFL and a players strike in the NBA that hockey could be the only professional game in town.  You really have to hand it to the owners of the NFL teams--the are certainly trying to find a way to strangle the golden goose.

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Mike said...

Looks like a good time. Caps looked pretty good given the weird conditions. Definitely a good event for hockey.

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