Sunday, January 23, 2011

Grandson Saturday Night

Playing in the Play Tunnel
We had all three grandsons yesterday for a few hours to allow their parents some time off for good behavior.

We had them all, together at the same time--alone, unarmed and unafraid.  The key was to find ways to keep them happy, busy, and occupied.

The activities ranged from playing in the newly purchased play tunnel, to coloring, movie watching, and of course food including smores in the fireplace.

Walking the Dog
There was a bit of craziness--and a lot of fun.

It was amazing how well they all got along.

Even more amazing--the house, dog, and cats survived.

Coloring on the Floor

Let's Be Goofy

A Jax-o-gator
The three of them played extremely well together and we had a lot of fun interacting.

Think of it--grand parents on the floor playing with the grandsons. It was a sight to behold.

The food even worked out pretty well--better than expected.

The evening closed with a movie, helping the boys come down from the exciting activities of the previous couple of hours.

I suppose had the temperature outside been  warmer (it was on 13 degrees) we could have spent some time outside playing.  Maybe later in the year as this is supposed to be a monthly event.

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