Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Denver and Hockey

I love hockey. I am amazed that I never learned to skate.
Sculpture in Entry of Pepsi Center

I got to go see the Colorado Avalanche play the Vancouver Canucks last night and I had a great time.

The Avalanche are my second favorite hockey team and they won in overtime on a power play.  What is even more fabulous is that the Canucks are leading all of the NHL in terms of record right now. So it was a great win especially since it was an overtime win and I saw three NHL all starts play.

I got there early, had dinner and absorbed the atmosphere. The Pepsi Center is a super place to watch a sporting event.

Of course with the two hour time change--I was exhausted.

And I learned a lot about Craigslist--I found really expensive tickets really cheap.
1st Period Avs and Canucks

A fun evening though and something different to start a business trip.

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