Saturday, January 22, 2011

Cold, Colder. Coldest

I got the electric bill in the mail yesterday to greet me as I returned home from Denver.

Keep the Home Fires Burning
It confirmed my suspicion--The last month has been cold.  My bill more than doubled over the month before. Ouch!  We do not have gas heat--so everything is on that bill. Lights, heat, and Christmas.

The temperature as I sit here this morning is a balmy 15 degrees. The wind chill is 7 degrees.

I know it is colder elsewhere--but understand something. The all time coldest temperature recorded in Baltimore is minus 7--and we are only 22 degrees warmer than that.

My heat pumps don't work well under about 25 degrees.

There is already a fire in the fireplace and I'm hunkering down for the day.  Of course--the four letter word that I despise the most is also hanging out there-- S-H-O-P.  I'm going to try to negotiate not going out until the temperature is over 30 degrees.

That is probably a losing position.

Maybe I can declare it a movie day in front of the blu-ray player. 

Stay warm.

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