Wednesday, May 8, 2019

The Season Continues

Officially, the score of last evening's game between the GORC 12U Haslup Wildcats and the Crofton - Coach Mitchell was 1-0, by forfeit. Sadly, the Crofton boys were short one player and the umpires enforced the rules that they had to have a complete roster of 9  to begin the game. When Crofton's 9th player did not arrive within 15 minutes of the officially designated start time, the umpires declared the forfeit, took their money, and departed.

But, that is when the game began. The coaches decided to scrimmage.  Since we were all dressed and ready to play, why not actually play some baseball. The teams played a four inning scrimmage which saw the Wildcats leading 17-9 when we were finally forced from the field due to darkness. It was some of the best practice that the team has had and everyone was loose and the boys really started hitting the ball. 

It turned into a long evening, but everyone had fun. Perhaps the best play of the night was made by Crofton as they picked off Jax on 3rd base. It was a great play. I was coaching 3rd and I didn't even see it coming. We both learned something from the play.

When darkness fell about 8:15 PM and we could no longer see the ball, the scrimmage was ended. Sadly, this was the only scheduled meeting between the teams and we do not get to play a real game against them on their home field.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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