Friday, May 31, 2019

Out the Hotel Window - Dayton, OH, May 2019

Out my Hotel Window - Dayton, OH
May 30, 2019
Another day and another hotel. Staying for only one night in a hotel is tough because there is almost no reason to unpack. I am traveling with just my backpack which makes it easy to get around where but does complicate getting needed items which are at the bottom. But, I have become a believer in traveling light and with a backpack. It is a lot easier to lug a backpack around an airport than a suitcase. And my clothes need to be ironed upon arrival regardless of whether I use a suitcase or not.

The view out my hotel window here in Dayton is busy. It is also dark and rainy. Rain has been a constant on this trip. I long for sunny skies. I thought the raindrops on the hotel window when I took the image were a nice tough looking at the rainclouds and the clearing skies, which never materialized, in the distance.

At least I have a view to enjoy.

Today I am hoping/planning on getting home to sleep in my own bed again. But tomorrow, I will be off on another adventure! First things first, however, I must get through today and accomplish the very specific goals laid out for me. Summer is drawing close. Today is the last day of May--how quickly it has slipped away. Tomorrow, June arrives and it is the month during which Summer begins! The best season of the year. 

-- Bob Doan, writing from Dayton, Ohio

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