Thursday, January 17, 2019

Winter Maintenance

Lowering the Pool Water Level
January 14, 2019
One of the aspects of pools that is often not considered by prospective owners is maintenance. 

Most people understand that maintenance is required during the summertime when the pool is open and in use. Maintenance can consume a significant amount of time and money for the chemicals to keep the pool clear and bright.

Pool maintenance continues during the summer whether the pool is being heavily used or not. As was the case last year, the rains limited the use of my pool, but they actually increased the maintenance requirements.

Well, pool maintenance does not stop during the winter. My pool has a mesh cover and that means that water continues to enter the pool with every rain and snow storm. We realized, after the most recent snowstorm that the rains since October when we closed the pool has caused the water level to rise too much. We try to keep the water level below the ceramic tile border during the winter to prevent freeze damage to the tiles.

On Monday, after the storm, I had to clear a corner off the pool to open it up to get my auxiliary pump  active and lower the pool about four inches. The whole process took over an hour, but I was successful in lowering the water level about three inches below the tiles. When we close the pool, I usually lower the water about a foot below the tiles, it is amazing to see how much rain we had during the Autumn and early Winter.

I just wish I lived somewhere that we could actually use the pool during the winter. I wonder if I could put a big cover over it like the local YMCA does to their outdoor pool?

A pool owner's job is never done!

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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