Sunday, January 6, 2019


Last View of the Christmas Tree
January 5, 2019
It happened yesterday. 

The de-Christmasification of the house is complete. Well, lest you wonder, I provided a link to the word Christmasification in the urban dictionary.

Chris and I worked through most of the day to get the Christmas decorations into the boxes and back into their storage places. It was a difficult process given we have many decorations and they were everywhere around the house. 

It took, all told, about six hours form start to finish, remembering of course that we had already taken down the exterior decorations. The decorations are back in the boxes and the boxes are back in the attic. The attic is, of course, above the garage and accesses via rickety steps.

I do so hate lugging the boxes up and down from the attic. 

Gear Case Kit for Stanley
Garage Door Opener
As an added benefit, the garage door opener broke during the process. The gear case failed and so I had to go on line and order a replacement  I have repaired it once before, a few years ago and I am fortunate that I actually have the ability to rebuild the motor. I have been advised that the way my garage door opener is installed cannot be replicated today and it would require a major change to replace the entire unit. Ugh!

Always something it seems.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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