Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Angry Ocean

Atlantic Ocean crashing on Jupiter Island
from Radio Flyer
January 28, 2019
For those of you wondering whether I had moved to Florida on a permanent basis, do not fear. Today is a travel day and Chris, Finnegan, and I are returning to the frozen northland.
Birdseye View of the Ocean Crashing on the Rocks
Jupiter Island
from Radio Flyer
January 29, 2019

And the weather apparently is preparing for our return as well  by providing record setting cold and snow. Thanks! 

Yesterday the weather cleared and I was able to get Radio Flyer, my trusty drone, into the skies to get some images of the angry Atlantic Ocean as it crashed onto the rocks that adorn the beach of Jupiter Island. i made three flights off the beach and attempted to capture the power of the waves as they crashed on the rocks. Given the amount of sea foam, however, the white of the waves in the rocks gets lost, sadly.  

I put together a compilation of the short videos that I shot yesterday of the ocean from Radio Flyer.

In looking at the weather report for the next week in Florida, it is clear that Chris and I chose the wrong week to be here. The weather next week is going to be fantastic! Well, for February!

Well--here's hoping for on-time flights and a good travel day.

-- Bob Doan, writing from Tequesta, Florida

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